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Layered Hand-Cut Silhouette {Standard Size 8.5x11"}

$55.00 - $95.00

This listing will include a digital silhouette!

Your layered silhouette will be hand cut from heavy black card stock and lightly fixed to a white piece of heavy card stock (in case you are planning on removing it to fix onto another surface). Silhouettes range in size from 6"-8" tall, depending on hair style.

Email photos of the two profiles you'd like to use to [email protected] then I will email you the digital version to ok when it is completed. After I get the ok, I will cut your silhouette and send it on it's way to you. Our turn around rate is currently 7-10 days.

About the photo you email:
- Make sure the entire head/hair is in the photo
- Make sure the camera is level with their heads and not tilting upward or downward
- Please send the largest quality/size of your photo possible
- The clearer the photo, the better

There's an example of a good photo in the photos for this listing. Phone photos are totally fine!