Thistle Cottage Home


Q: Where do I email my photo(s) to?

A: [email protected]


Q: Do you offer framing?

A: Not yet! But we love this large oval frame:


I have bought this double-matted frame many times and LOVE it! The price is just right, too. 


Q: How do I get a good photo of my child?

Q: How does the process work?

A: First you order the number of silhouettes in the style you'd like. 
Say you have four family members and you want a silhouette of each of them to print at home, you would order four 'Digital Portrait Silhouettes.'

Anytime after you order, just send in the side view, profile photo of each person. Feel free to send multiple photos for each person.

Also feel free to send a separate photo of a hairbow (or other accessory) you want included if it wasn't being worn in the photos.

Then, in 7-10 days, I'll email you the finished portrait and take care of any edits you may have. 

Q: I need it faster than that! Can I make a rush order?

A: I love to help make your deadlines, just let me know what time restraints you are looking at. Near the Holidays, rush orders are less likely to be able to be accommodated for, but it never hurts to ask!

Q: Something came up, can I cancel my order?

A: Sure! Just let me know within 24 hours of placing the order!

Q: How often can I print my digital silhouette?

A: You can print your silhouette to your heart's content. Email it to everyone in your address book. Make it into a Christmas gift for all your family members. You get the idea. 

I always have great luck using my home printer, but I've also had luck printing through Walmart, Walgreen's, and through Shutterfly.

Q: How do you make a digital silhouette?

A: I've spent most of my adult life illustrating for children, so I invested in a Wacom Tablet years ago. When you send your photo in, I use the photo to draw from on my computer using a special pen that can draw directly on the screen.